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War Never Ends.

This is a world of Empires and magic. A world of valor, steel, and brotherhood. One of machinations, plots, ambition and betrayal. Of swords, sorcery, black powder, and magic-infused technology. A world dominated by the monster known as man, and all of the myriad creatures who oppose him in his endeavors. But more than anything, this is a world at war, where the racial, political, and religious divides between peoples has irreparably sundered peace.

This campaign is run with a homebrew system that utilizes computer technology to deliver a tabletop game that comes closer to simulation without sacrificing any of the speed of performing the algorithms necessary to achieve that simulation.

History of the World: A timeline and list of major events that took place during the many great ages of the world.
Persons of Interest: A collection of many of the important figures who helped shape the world.
Places of Interest: The important countries and locations across Gaia.
Combat Mechanics Detailed information on the attack equations, as well as a reference for all spells and abilities.
Stories Short stories about the world of Gaia.

Main Page

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