466 K.E.

January 5th: Batgroob Dok pledges his support to Kent and joins the military in order to help put an end to the Black Dragon Rebellion. [Scene 26]

January 13th: First Battle of Rolanberry. Onrac is barely able to maintain control of Rolanberry Fields.

February 27th: The Black Dragons launch a two pronged attack on Rolanberry Fields and Jeuno, hoping to knock Jeuno out of the Onrac alliance. The Second Battle of Rolanberry Fields sees a decisive win for Onrac thanks to the leadership of Captain Batgroob. In the Black Dragon assault on Jeuno, Eshan’tarl and Jeuno’s forces manage to hold on long enough for Onrac reinforcements to join the battle and turn back the rebels.

March 23rd: Dragon cuts ties with his friends in preparation for joining Kent. He understands that Kent is a hot bed of lies, deception, and betrayal, and he doesn’t want any of his friends used against him or hurt. [Scene 27] Black Dragon assault on Pravoka. After a hard push deep into Pravokan territory, the Black Dragon army was within sight of Pravoka’s capitol. Pravoka’s defenses are overwhelmed and Colonel Batgroob is encircled defending Ronfaure Outpost. With the last line of defense seemingly eradicated, the Black Dragon army charged the capital, only to be assaulted in the dense forest by guerrilla forces. Then, when trying to regroup they were crushed by forces led by Lieutenant Colonel Barrenwolf. Batgroob escapes capture as what is left of the Black Dragon forces begins a long withdraw out of Pravokan territory. Dragon pledges his support to Kent and joins the military. [Scene 28]

May 3rd: The Black Dragons take Lefein without a fight as the locals surrender. Without an established leader and with a largely broken military, they did not possess the means to fight the rebels; Lefein becomes the capitol of the Black Dragons, and Tralgeth begins to fill governmental positions within Lefein with Black Dragon supporters.

May 4th: Tralgeth begins to suffer from recurring night terrors. [Scene 29]

May 6th: Battle of Rolanberry; Dragon and Iron Eater are stationed in the small town of Gysahl with just over 2000 soldiers in order to protect the locals. [Scene 30] During the battle of Rolanberry, the village of Gysahl is targeted with a disproportionate number of troops, and the light garrison manned by Iron Eater and Dragon is overwhelmed. The village is also burned to the ground as Fuma invokes the mana flow once more to level the entire village with napalm. Dragon and less than a dozen soldiers manage to hold out until Onrac’s army comes to relieve them. The rest, including Major Iron Eater were killed. [Scene 31]

May 18th: Queen Christina begins to hallucinate and many within the court worry that her sanity is slipping. More and more power is divested from her to either Batgroob for foreign affairs, Kaien for domestic affairs, or Dragon for military affairs. [Scene 32]

May 28th: Onrac forces begin a counter attack and take Sauromugue Champain back from Black Dragon control in the first battle of Sauromugue Champaign.

June 15th: During a routine diplomatic gathering in Pravoka including many influential Pravokan, Kentian, and Jeunoan nobility as well as Queen Christina, the Chateau is stormed as Black Dragon insiders release hundreds of Black Dragon prisoners from Pravoka’s dungeons. In a highly coordinated attack led by Grant, Nikolai assassinates King Trion, and nearly all of the nobility in the dining hall are assassinated. Queen Christina manages to escape the castle thanks to Barrenwolf, Dragon, and Kaien. Pravoka is retaken by the Royal Knights in short order, but the King is dead. [Scene 33] Kent and Jeuno assume basic administration duties in Pravoka while the Pravokan government chooses a new leader. Onrac’s morale plummets and their advance on the front lines begins to slow.

June 19th: In an extremely close vote on the noble’s council, the decision is given to uphold Pravokan laws barring a female head of state and gives control of the Kingdom to the Paladin guilds in the absence of a clear heir to King Trion.

June 27th: Pravoka formally withdraws it’s officers from Onrac’s allied military council in order to reassert full control over their military logistics in light of the death of their former king. Despite this, they remain in the alliance and continue to share military intel with Kent and Jeuno.

July 13th: Kentian officials become increasingly suspicious of each other as it becomes known that a high level government official is leaking intelligence to the Black Dragons. During this time, the Queen becomes dependent on her three most trusted advisers, at least one of which is with her when ever she receives counsel from others. [Scene 34]

July 27th: Annual tournament is held, and upholding past traditions remains a politically neutral zone, allowing members of the Black Dragons to participate. Additionally, tournament rules are changed so that the current champion no longer participates in the tournament, but rather defends their title against the winner of the tournament. In the semi-finals, Fuma does not show up for his match and is reported missing, causing him to forfeit to Sabastion. Dragon and Sabastion fight in the finals, while Ced confronts Fuma else where. Dragon wins his match and is declared the winner of the tournament after effortlessly sweeping every match. [Scene 35] During the fight against Batgroob, Dragon seems to pivot from trying to defeat him to trying to kill him. [Scene 36] Despite his best efforts, Dragon is unable to land a single blow against Batgroob, and having pushed himself to his limits during the fight collapses from fatigue. [Scene 37] Dragon is brought to the hospital and put under arrest by Kentian guards for trying to kill Batgroob.

July 28th: The Kentian senate passes a resolution of Batgroob’s permitting a diplomatic mission to Lefein to end the conflict between Onrac and the Black Dragons. All of the officers chosen were handpicked by Batgroob himself.

July 30th: After meeting with some members of the Black Dragons in Tahrongi canyon, Batgroob reveals his intention is not to bring peace between the Black Dragons and Kent, but to take Lefein for himself. Sabastion tries to flee, but is cornered and fights off Batgroob’s army by himself, even killing Ciato in the process. He is eventually taken down and captured by Batgroob. [Scene 38] During negotiations with Tralgeth, Batgroob demands Tralgeth turn Lefein over to him and swear fealty to his new lord. Tralgeth instead tries to have Batgroob killed, but most of his inner circle including the Dark Knights and Nikolai were working for Batgroob from the beginning and turn on Tralgeth, killing him. [Scene 39] Batgroob assumes the mantle of Emperor of Lefein, forming the Lefeinian Empire, declaring that he will conquer Onrac and unite Aldi under his rule. Dragon is cleared of the charges against him. [Scene 40]

August 3rd: Pravoka’s offensive against Lefein begins. The offensive is a fast paced blitz with the intention of dismantling Lefein before they can effectively organize their solidiers after Batgroob’s take over.

August 5th: Pravokan forces push the ill prepared Lefeinian forces out of the Meriphitaud mountains.

August 7th: Jeuno withdraws from the Onrac alliance, desiring to take a neutral position to end the conflict between Kent and Lefein.

August 20th: Pravoka takes the Tahrongi Canyon from Lefeinian forces and are within a few hundred miles of Lefein’s capital. Although the Lefeinian forces are becoming increasingly organized, Pravoka has the momentum.

August 23rd: Leaders of the Pravokan guilds begin to pressure Alexander to withdraw from the Onrac alliance with Kent. Some of the leaders even suggest that Pravoka be allowed to take back territory that once belonged to Pravoka decades ago from both Lefein and Kent. After several diplomatic missions to Kent, and seeing the alarming Reactionary elements in Pravoka beginning to form, Alexander orders a freeze on the assault of Lefein. Soldiers are ordered to fortify their positions and defend the territory they’ve taken rather than press on into Lefeinian territory. [Scene 41]

August 28th: Pravokan defensive positions begin to crumble as Lefeinian troops push back.

August 29th: Amutiyaal defects from Lefein and takes many former Black Dragon loyalists with him to form a Bandit Kingdom operating out of the Altepa Desert.

September 10th: Pravoka’s capital is stormed by Lefeinian troops. The leaders of the Paladin guilds fight to their deaths defending the city, but are all killed in the fighting. [Scene 42] Pravoka comes under the occupation of Lefein, and the nation begins to prepare itself for war against Kent.

466 K.E.

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