467 K.E.

January 7th: Battle of La Theine Plateau. Lefein begins its offensive against Kent. Before the battle begins, Dragon tries to dissuade an old friend from fleeing to Lefein. [Scene 43] During the battle Dragon separates from his unit in an attempt to prevent his friend from fleeing to Lefein, but is stopped by Sabastion. [Scene 44] Sabastion and Dragon fight, but Dragon is eventually beaten and captured. [Scene 45]

January 8th: Dragon is loaded up with many other prisoners of war and shipped off to Lefein. [Scene 46] The prisoners are forced to participate in gladiatorial combat for their freedom as entertainment to Lefein’s populace. Each of those who fight are killed one by one. [Scene 47] When it is Dragon’s turn to compete, he defeats his opponents in rounds 1 & 2, but is knocked unconscious during round 3. Were it not for the intervention of his friend, he would have been killed. [Scene 48] His friend fights Bola in a one on one duel for Dragon’s life and beats him securing Dragon’s freedom. [Scene 49]

January 28th: Grant and Amelia infiltrate Kent in order to assassinate Jeunoan ambassadors under the guise of Tenshodo agents in order to create a rift between the governments and the trading company. They are discovered, and Amelia is captured whie Grant is able to retreat to Lefein. [Scene 50].

March 10th: A group of Kentian spies led by Jack, Kaien, Hayai, and Renay infiltrate Lefein to uncover military intelligence. Their cover is blown, and Jack and Kaien barely make it to the extraction airship in one piece. Hayai and Renay are both cut off from the others, and left behind as the Kentian craft is forced to return home. [Scene 51] Simultaneously, Elais, an assassin hired to kill Batgroob isolates Batgroob, but is killed by him. [Scene 52] The missions are deemed a failure.

April 7th: In a last ditch effort to prevent war, Dragon offers to have Lefein and Kent’s officers settle the war in an exhibition rather than throw away lives on the battlefield. If Lefein won, Kent would abandon their positions in the Konschtat Highlands, where as if Lefein lost, they would pull out of the Highlands and both sides would call a peace for one year. In the end, Kent’s officers barely managed to defeat Lefein’s, but Batgroob continued his assault any way, ordering his artillery to fire on the exhibition. Both armies engaged, and Kent was pushed out of the highlands opening up a path to Kent. [Scene 53]

April 10th: For the first and only time in recorded history, death is reversed. Conducting the ritual in secret, Batgroob’s mages are able to conduct a ritual that pulls Hunter from the realm of the dead back to the realm of the living, and not as an undead.

April 13th: Batgroob has the city of Kent nearly surrounded and delivers an ultimatum to the Queen – Surrender the city before midnight and no one dies. Fight, and every last member of her administration will be killed. Even though they outnumber the Lefeinian troops, Kent’s army is demoralized and it seems all but certain that defeat is inevitable. For most of the day, Kent’s leaders debate whether they should surrender to Batgroob or not. Ultimately, surrender was rejected, and the military began to make preparations for a final attack on Lefein.

April 14th: Shortly after midnight, Queen Christina is attacked by Sloane and is put into a coma. [Scene 54] In the early hours of the morning, Dragon passes a series of executive actions granting him emergency war time powers and drafting all able bodied males aged 16 and up into immediate military service. Soldiers go door to door collecting all those that can fight and spend the entire night outfitting them and preparing them for their roles in the upcoming fight. These new recruits are mostly placed in logistical positions and to fill gaps in the reserves. Then, at daybreak Dragon leads a massive Kentian army of more than 320,000 men to rout the merely 52,000 strong Lefeinian army. During the battle, his helmet is knocked off, and Dragon reveals himself as Zane Galbraith. [Scene 54] Despite his victory, Batgroob had sent the revived Hunter Selkirk to assassinate Zane before the battle began. Yet Zane was able to defeat Hunter and instead convinced Hunter to join Kent. [Scene 55] Zane tells his trusted generals Barrenwolf and Kaien that he revealed his identity to the queen shortly before she was attacked and why he tried to remain hidden after defeating Iros years prior. [Scene 56]

May 5th: Battle of Korroloka. Onrac forces supported by Shin drive the Altepa bandits out of the Korroloka tunnel in an attempt to prevent Kent from becoming surrounded.

May 12th: Zalfaeyr, an agent of Kent in Lefein is assassinated during his investigation into one of Lefein’s secret projects. [Scene 57]

June 16th: Battle of Altepa. With military access through Onrac, Shin attacks the Altepa Bandits in Altepa, crushing their forces and forcing them to withdraw to Rabao.

July 27th: Fifth Tournament is held, both Batgroob and Zane are unable to participate due to safety concerns. Sabastion is crowned the first champion to win since Batgroob’s winning streak.

July 28th: Battle of Rabao. Immediately following the end of the tournament in Jeuno, Shin’s forces move to crush the Altepa Bandits once and for all. Rather than put them to death, Magestic recruits Amutiyaal and his remaining officers into Shin.

August 7th: The small port town of Mhaura is destroyed in a Jeunoan military operation to capture individuals believed to have been tempered by The Lord found within the city limits.

August 9th: Jeunoan military intelligence points to the tempered suspects presence in Pravoka, causing a multi-national man hunt effort to eradicate the threat and discover their origin.

August 10th: The Garland, flagship of the Jeunoan fleet crashes above the Batallia Downs with General Galenth of Jeuno on board. Cause is unknown, but it is suspected to be related to the events in Mhaura and Pravoka.

August 26th: Terran Biological Weapons and Magicite infested are unleashed in Jeuno causing widespread panic and casualties. The Jeunoan army manages to secure safe zones for civilians and hold those positions until allied reinforcements arrive to clear out the monsters; General Galenth is revealed to be the Ascian Barthandelus, and is sealed inside Light aspected ceruleum as it metamorphosizes into magicite; A massive explosion levels a large portion of Ru’Lude Gardens killing thousands of civilians and destroying the duchal palace.

November 17th: Battle of Shin. Palacardian forces launch an attack on the Shin territory to reassert hegemony over land that was considered Gatrean. An allied force consisting of Onrac, Shin, and Lefein put aside their differences to defend Shin from Imperial incursion. Although successful, the defense of Shin came with heavy losses in Onrac, and through Batgroob’s treachery, the territories of Shin were secured by Lefein in the aftermath of the battle.

467 K.E.

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