La Noscelen

La Noscelen (La-No-See-Len) is a stretch of grasslands punctuated by small farming villages that surrounds the Republic of New Castle.

Places of Interest

The Rhotanir Sea

The Rhotanir Sea is one of the Five Seas of Aldi and is located south of New Castle and east of Gustaberg, encompassing the Cieldalaes island chain. The area is a frequented route for trade and travel but the waters can be notoriously rough, often claiming some of the cargo being transported.

Bearded Rock

A rock overgrown with moss that once served to chain or crucify pirates who violated the Code.

St. Ohshun’s Torch

St. Ohshun’s Torch is the lighthouse on the western half of the Saints’ Grip. It is supplied through the Candlekeep Quay, a pier owned and operated by Waverly’s Pullers.

La Noscelen

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